How to post on Pinterest

How To Post On Pinterest? Easy Pinterest Guide Of 2023

Are you a newbie to this optical platform called Pinterest? And you want to benefit from these decent social media platform networks? If you are using it on Windows, ios, Android, or Mac but need to know how to post on it. Let us learn how to post on it.

Best Pinterest video downloader

Suppose you are a professional Photographer, Video editor, or like these. You will be happy to hear you can sell your content from this platform and also use this platform for business. Moreover, we can survey content other publishers post and get benefits from there. You can like, share, and save all pins on Pinterest published by others. Here in this article will discuss how to post on Pinterest. You can save stories, images, Gifs, and videos from Pinterest with high quality and resolution. 

How to post on Pinterest?

If you are a newbie on Pinterest and don’t know what Pinterest is? And how can I post on it? Will we discuss the easiest way and complete guide on posting on Pinterest? Let’s start posting/pinning on Pinterest.

How to post on Pinterest

How to pin videos on Pinterest?

Pinterest video pins are optical in distributing your idea, explaining, or expressing your thoughts. Your video thumbnail must be catching and fascinating to interest the audience if you want to come trending, so your thumbnail of the video must be attractive. Pinterest users can download from the home feed new pin, other pins, image file, cover image, video pin, own pins, carousel pins, rich pins, Pinterest boards, idea pins, video pins, post videos, multiple videos, etc, on a mobile device. Lets we start with how to post on Pinterest. When visitor sees your video thumbnail, they cannot stop themselves from landing on your Pinterest account.

  • First, open the Pinterest app or web and sign in to your profile.
  • Click the +(plus) sign on the right side of your device screen and choose the create pin option.
  • Afterwhile clicking the create pin button, you will move to a new page and the specifications mentioned in detail.
  • To post the video on Pinterest, drag and drop it on this page or do it manually by clicking the upward arrow mark.
  • Select the video who wants you to post and add an optimized title and meta description to your post.
  • Use the maximum and trending keywords in the title and description to boost your pin engagement.
  • Afterward, select that board, precisely one relevant to the video you will pin.
  • After doing all the configuration, this is the last step where you can see publish or schedule your video. The choice is to publish the video quickly or to schedule it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want more followers on Pinterest, in 2021, Pinterest preferred hashtags. But now, keyword optimization prefers instead of hashtags.

You can upload multiple pins on Pinterest using the bulk option and selecting all your pins. Every pin has its description and title, and publish them.

You can upload all types of images on Pinterest. You can keep your image choice is yours public or private. Pinterest all of the formats images promote.

Pinterest is a very safe optical search engine. It is completely secure and free of cost. You can use all browsers or search engines like chrome, google, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Final Words

 If you are not on Pinterest yet, it’s not too late. Take a new start by creating your Pinterest account, and start pinning on it. Create pins and boards, share your thoughts, get ideas from different communities worldwide, and enjoy your social presence on this ideal and well-known platform. Our Pinterest video downloader is free of cost and easy to use.

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