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Remove Pinterest From Google search – Unpinterested Easy Guide

When searching videos, images, or gifts in your browser, do you find yourself by Pinterest results? Do you want to remove Pinterest from the Google search engines? Suppose you are worried about that issue. Don’t worry. In this blog, I will tell you how to remove/erase Pinterest from Google search using any browser. Let’s solve this problem and enjoy the filtered content. 

As we all know, Pinterest is a well-known decent social media platform for sharing your ideas. Here you can share informational content. But sometimes, we don’t like Pinterest shows in our search results. So, here I told you the easiest solution for the problems. This blog discussed the easiest methods to remove/erase Pinterest from Google search results.

Stay connected and read this article till at the end. If users are worried about Pinterest, how to remove it from the searches? After reading this article, I guarantee that all problems solved about Pinterest were removed from the Google search.

Best Methods to remove Pinterest from Google Search

Before telling you about these methods, I assure you that you can easily erase Pinterest from Google search result by following these easy methods. I will be told you the four easiest and most possible methods to erase Pinterest from Google searches. 

Method 1: Via Pinterest App

When you are using the Pinterest app and face this kind of problem. Just follow these easiest steps:-

  • Launch the Pinterest app on your mobile phone or desktop device on any browser.
  • Open the Pinterest application and go to the Pinterest setting.
  • Under settings, you see the Privacy and data option; click on it.
  • Under Privacy & data, press search engine privacy and turn on this option.
  • On enabling this option, Pinterest is excluded from your search results. No matter which browser you use, it will remove Pinterest from all search engine results.

Method 2: Via Pinterest Web

When you are using the Pinterest web and face these kinds of problems. Just follow these steps:-

  • Go to any browser and search
  • Go to the setting and press the Privacy and data option.
  • Below Privacy & data, enable the feature “search engine privacy.”
  • Your search won’t be shown in the Pinterest results anymore.

Method 3: UnPinterested extension

Suppose you want to remove Pinterest images from your search results. But don’t worry; Pinloader is here with the most straightforward solutions. Just install a chrome extension that’s name is UnPinterested. Search UnPinterested extension for chrome and add this extension in the chrome bar. Install and activate this extension to get your desired results. This extension will remove or block all your Pinterest results from your search results. 

Method 4: Remove Pinterest from Google Search Via Prefix

Suppose you don’t want to remove Pinterest from google search from settings and extensions. So here is another solution to remove it. This method is tricky and slightly different. Others methods are quite easy, but it’s a little tricky. You need to block Pinterest each time you search.

  • Type the site name which you want to block, like
  • Before typing, you must type the prefix ”else” and make sure to type the prefix in inverted commas.
  • Enjoy the free Pinterest results.

All the easiest methods we have discussed in this blog. All the methods are easy to follow, but the last one, 4th method, is a little tricky. You can use this method for another purpose, not only for Pinterest removal. This method is time-consuming but workable. By using 4th method, you can remove any site from your search results.

But I recommended the first 3 methods because they are not time-consuming. Activate quickly. Are you worried about how to delete your Pinterest account? Don’t worry about it; here solution is available. Just read this on how to delete or deactivate the Pinterest account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can hide or remove Pinterest from Google searches. Following these easy guides already told to you above this blog.

Final Words

This Pinterest guide will help erase Pinterest from Google searches. All these methods are effective and 100 percent work. The choice is yours what you want’s to use it. You can contact us anytime and anywhere if you are facing any trouble. Now you will be enjoying your browser without Pinterest content. Thanks for your precious time. Thanks for being here. Enjoy it.

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