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Pinterest is an optical engine. And on scrolling through Pinterest media, we see many kinds of media. Some media are very eye-catching and fabulous images that we cannot stop ourselves from downloading. This media can be used for re-pin or re-post on other social media networks. This media can be a story, Gif, image, or video. You can also download Pinterest Videos from this Pinterest Video Downloader. It would be best if you had a Pinterest story downloader to save it because Pinterest does not allow its audience of users or audience to download any Pinterest media directly.

Pinterest Media downloader

Suppose you want to download media from Pinterest without installing any app. So you download with the Pinterest video downloader tool. Pinloader is an online tool where you can download your favourite media without installing the Pinterest app. And also, you can download images in JPEG format and Pinterest story pins, Pinterest idea pins, and favorite Pinterest video; you can download unlimited videos, image, and gif from this Pinterest gif downloader. Just click the download link and download stories. You can download not only Pinterest stories, but you can also download any media Pinterest story, Pinterest Gifs, and Pinterest videos from it with MP3, MP4, and 1080p quality.

Using the Pinterest story downloader tool, you can download Pinterest stories without restrictions and limitations. This story downloader is very easy to use, and it is a free online story downloader. Moreover, you can save Pinterest videos, Gifs, and images, with easy methods and within no time.

What is Pinterest’s Story?

In the past, Pinterest updated one more feature that is called Pin ideas. Pinterest updates are scheduled every 2 to 3 months. But now, in modern times, his name is called Pinterest story. In story pins, you can share Pinterest videos, images, Gifs, etc., and millions of traffic on these pins because this is the easiest way to share our thoughts with others.

What is pinterest

You can download Pinterest stories with the help of Pinterest video downloader easily in no time. Download Pinterest stories without watermarks in your desired format, like MP3, MP4, and 1080p, with high quality, and use them on your social media without copyright claims, limitations, and restrictions.

How to Download Pinterest Story from The Pinterest Video Downloader

You can download the Pinterest story without any app installed without restrictions and limitations. You can use it on all devices. Only follow these steps;

  • Open the Pinterest app or any search engine type Pinterest web on your device.
  • Open the Pinterest story and copy the story video url link.
  • Go to any search engine and type
  • After That, paste the story URL in the Pinloader tool search bar and see the list on your device’s screen.
  • Click download, and choose your favorite formats, like videos in MP3, MP4, and images in JPEG form. And the story is downloaded from Pinterest with a single click and your favorite format.
  • Now press the download button. Enjoy the video and save it to your gallery. And save media shares on your social media where you want.

Enjoy your media in HD-quality online Pinterest story downloader results with high-quality resolutions. This downloader is all-browser-supported. If you face any problem downloading the Pinterest story, visit to see a detailed video on it, where all steps are told.


Today everyone knows which format is required. Yes, we recommend you images want to download in JPEG format. If videos want to download, it is also HD quality. But here, you can download it in all formats available.

You can download Pinterest videos, images, and gifs using our Pinterest media downloader in any format you want. You can easily download Pinterest videos from just a video link. Just click on the download button. And Pinterest video download on your gallery within just a few seconds.

No, there is no limit to downloading Pinterest media; you can download any time because Pinloader Downloader is a free and easy-to-use Pinterest media downloader. There are no downloading limitations or restrictions on downloading.

Our Pinterest story downloader is for all devices. And all browsers are supported. You can easily use this online on any search engine; type

Compared to other social media platforms, the Pinterest story does not expire. It lasts forever on your Pinterest account until you delete it manually.

Final Words

Pinloader is an online Pinterest video downloader best tool specially designed based on user’s needs. Our priority is the user’s safety. It is an easy-to-use and accessible tool. Enjoy your favorite content from this tool free of cost and in your desired format. And you can use this media on social media platforms. Suppose you have trouble downloading, you can comment in the comment section.

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