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How to share Facebook Videos on Pinterest 2023

Pinterest is a famous and popular platform for sharing creative ideas among different communities worldwide. Pinterest not only accepts online images, but you can share any media share on it from other platforms. Posting on any social media platform is very easy, but one platform via a post on another social media without any copyright claim is a challenging job. But generating a pin from Facebook to Pinterest is a new thing.

How to share facebook videos on pinterest

Some questions are arises in users’ minds, how can you post from Facebook to Pinterest? This article will discuss how you can directly post videos or images from Facebook to Pinterest. We mainly focus on our users’ not difficulty in this and use easy steps for them. And we focused primarily on users; he didn’t face any problems. So now you don’t need to install or download applications to your device for downloading any video or image and post from Facebook to Pinterest.

Let’s start consuming without the time and see the free and trouble-free hacks. This article will discuss sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest with an easy guide. The first is the post URL, and the second is saving the video. As you know, Pinterest cannot download any posts from him. So you can use the Pinterest video downloader tool. Pinloader is one of them. It provides you with any post, Pinterest story, image, video, and Gifs Pinterest you can download free of cost.

How to share Facebook videos on Pinterest using the URL?

Follow the same steps, If you are using it on mobile or desktop, For sharing Facebook videos to Pinterest using the URL.

  • Come On your mobile phone or desktop.
  • Go to the Facebook app or Facebook web from your browser.
  • Copy the Facebook video or image URL.
  • Now open the Pinterest app or Pinterest web from your browser.
  • Click on the + icon; next, many options will pop up; choose to create a pin.
  • Add a Catching title and an awesome description of the pin. Every pin has its title and description. Not all the same.
  • Now paste the URL into Pinterest (URL copied from the Facebook video).
  • Pinterest will automatically fetch the video/image from Facebook.
  • Click the Save button. On clicking the save button, your video is ready to watch.
  • Hurray, your video is published on Pinterest. Enjoy it.

How to share Facebook videos using Pinterest save button?

Whether you are using a mobile phone or desktop, the procedure is the same to share Facebook videos to Pinterest. Let’s do it:

  • Come On your mobile phone or desktop, and download the Pinterest browser button.
  • Go to any search engine and open Facebook from your browser. All browsers or search engines are supported.
  • Select the content, like an image or video; you want to share it. Click on the video or image, and the video or image will be opened in a new tab.
  • Click on the save button on Pinterest on the bottom side.
  • Before sharing, add a catchy title and description.
  • Choose the social media where you can upload this video, not only on Pinterest or Facebook; you can share it on all social media without restrictions and limitations.
  • Click on the save button, and save in your gallery.
Pinterest save Button

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is safe to use. In the latest updated version, the Pinterest browser button is completely safe. The latest version had some bugs.

Using our Pinterest video downloader (, you can download any content from your favorite format. It is an easy-to-use and free-of-cost tool.

Final Words

Pinloader provides you best Pinterest-related solutions. This article will discuss how to share Facebook videos on Pinterest. Using the URL and Save button. Both methods are almost reliable and easy steps. The choice is which method you use. If you find the Pinterest video downloader tool, always remember our tool; it is easy to use and free of cost.

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