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SSR Movies: Top 9 Best Alternatives Websites Of SSR Movies

Hey there! Who doesn’t love a good dose of entertainment, right? And what better way to enjoy it than by watching movies in this modern era? We all have our favorite actors and actresses that we can’t wait to see on the big screen.

But sometimes, going to the theater can be a bit tricky due to lack of time or expensive tickets. Luckily, there’s another option that’s quite attractive – downloading movies from torrent websites.

Now, I must mention that these websites are illegal in India, but despite that, people still use them to get their hands on the latest Bollywood and Hollywood releases. It’s definitely a serious issue, but it seems like people aren’t too concerned about it.

SSR Movies

What are SSR Movies?

Have you heard of SSR Movies? It’s a website where you can download movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and even other languages. It’s super popular, with millions of users visiting to catch up on their favorite movies they missed in theaters.

But here’s the thing, my friend: SSR Movies is actually an illegal torrent website. Yikes! Using it can get you in trouble with the law. They have movies in Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and even from Pakistan.

The people running this site don’t have a proper license, so it’s a serious offense. Be warned, my friend, and avoid using it. There are other websites out there, but SSR Movies seems to be the most popular one.

Features of SSR Movies

One of the most popular and frequently used websites by users who enjoy watching and downloading movies from these websites is Ssr Movies. Many users comment on this website because these features are so alluring. Here are a few movie characteristics that everyone should be aware of.

  • Without paying anything, users can download movies from Hollywood and Bollywood from this website. The best feature that draws a lot of users to this website is this one.
  • From this website, you can download movies in a variety of dubs, including Hindi, English, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada. This facility is fantastic and sufficient to draw a sizable user base.
  • The movies or videos you download will have 720p or 1080p HD resolution. People prefer to download movies in HD quality, and you can get it here for free.
  • You can avail movies in different size and users can download movies according to their capability. Movies are available in 300mb, 400mb, 800mb, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, etc. The highest pixels re also available here.
  • You need not spend money in the theatre to watch your favorite movies as from here you can download that movie within a week of release or sometimes just after the release of any movie.
  • The facility of live streaming is also available here on this website. Some of the users are not interest in downloading movies from here and that’s why they go for live streaming of the videos or movies they want to watch there.
  • Users are not suppose to pay a single penny for any type of download from this website and that’s why they prefer this website for the download of movies or live streaming of videos.

A user must be aware of some features of SSR Movies if they wish to download movies from this particular website. This website has more traffic in comparison to other torrent websites present on the internet. These features are enough to attract all the users from different parts of the world.

How movies can be downloaded from Ssr Movies?

If you are desirous of downloading movies from this website then you can follow these points.

  • You can search for the website directly on the internet.
  • The website is available on the internet and after typing the name the website, a page will be opened in front of you.
  • You are supposed to enter the page of the website and select the movie you want to download.
  • You can select the format for downloading the movie.

What are the categories of SSR movies?

If you are going to download movies using SSR movies, then you should know about the different categories that this website provides to its users. You can download different categories of movies like Tamil, Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, etc. You can also download movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood so that you may not miss those movies which you have missed to watch in theatres.  

Alternatives to SSR Movies

Not to forget that this website is operat illegally from time to time it is detained and shut down. In that case, people are not able to get the right platform so that they can download their movies. That’s why here are some alternatives to this website that can be used by the viewers for the download of their favorite movies or live streaming of their favorite movies.


Khatrimaza is one of the most famous torrent websites where people can download movies in small size, but the quality of the movies will be clear and distinct. This website is very well in serving its users in terms of providing them with newly released movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. You can use this website instead of using Ssr Movies if you are to download movies or videos in any language.



This is another torrent website from where you can download your favourite movies. This website can be the best option for the download of movies without paying a single penny. If Ssr Movies is not working or you are troubling in downloading movies from this website, then Isaimini is ideal for the download of movies or videos. You will be able to get complete HD movies here on this website.



Worldfree4u is a torrent website that facilitates the user in streaming and downloading videos and movies without charging a single penny. You can use this torrent website if you are facing some issued using Ssr Movies for downloading movies. This torrent website will help you in accomplishing your desire to download movies in different languages and genres. You will be able to download almost all the newly released movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. 



If Ssr Movie is not working properly or you are not able to find the exact torrent website, then you can visit this website for the download of movies and videos. Facilities like streaming live videos and web series are also available here on this website. You can use this website without any problem as the same facilities are available here. If you like watching movies in complete HD, then you can use this website.



If you are fond of Tamil movies then you can visit this website so that you can download your favourite Tamil movies. The website also facilitates you with the facility of live streaming so that you watch your favourite Tamil movies online. You can also download other videos from this website along with some of the most famous cartoons and animation videos.



Filmyzilla is one of the most visited torrent websites which is used by the viewers to stream movies live or download them along with other videos. If you are fond of watching web series then you can also use Filmyzilla for the purpose as you will get web series here in HD format and you can select the resolution of download from 720p to 1080p.  



People who missed their favorite movie to watch in the theatre can visit this website so that they can download their favorite movie in HD quality. 123Movies is good for those who are fond of watching TV serials can visit this website for the purpose. Users can go for live streaming of some of the trending videos from this website. The quality of all the videos is HD here.



As we all know that there are several torrent websites present on the internet that can be used by the users for downloading their favourite Bollywood, Hollywood, and different dubbed movies. This website is popular among the users for live streaming and downloading Bollywood and Hollywood movies so that users may enjoy watching these videos.

These are some of the facts and important points that we users should know about this website. The website is illegal and the use SSR Movies to download of movies is strictly prohibited. Those who are using this website are suppose to stop using this website and give the example of morality and responsible citizen.  


Extra movies

It’s becoming extremely difficult for people to make out time for watching movies in theatres. Keeping in mind the convenience of the people, In recent years, innumerable movie sites have come up.

These sites allow users to stream and download their desired content, anytime, anywhere. Extramovies is one such site.  Besides providing you with Hindi and English movies, you get multiple regional movies too.

Not only that, but several dubbed versions of original films are available on this site also, allowing users to stream and download them in any language they prefer. For easy navigation, the site’s interface is well designed and managed. The site’s huge collection is categorised, which further facilitates easy browsing. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Ssr Movies?

Ssr Movies is a torrent website with the help of which you can download movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. The website allows you to download movies without charging a single penny.

2. How one can download movies from this website?

Downloading movies from this website is not that much difficult. After reaching this website, you need to search for the movie you want to download and the website will provide you the download link instantly.

3. Is there any risk in using this website?

Yes, there is a high risk of using this website. The website is completely insecure and illegal in the eyes of law. The users of this website will be punished by the hands of the law.

4. What types of movies are available on Ssr Movies?

There are various movies available on this torrent website for download. From Bollywood to Hollywood, there are almost all movies available here for download. Dubbed movies are also available here for download.

5. Why Ssr Movies is famous amongst users?

Ssr Movies is famous amongst the users because it providesnewly released for download without charging any fee. The facility of live streaming is also available here on this torrent website.

6. What are the other alternatives of Ssr Movies?

There are some of the alternatives to this website that can be used by the users for the download of movies instead of using this website. Some of them are Khatrimaza, Movierulz, Worldfreeu, etc.

7. How these Ssr Movies is spoiling the business of the film industry?

Ssr Movies is spoiling the business of the film industry by leaking the movies before their release or days after their release. According to a survey, these illegal torrent websites are giving a loss of 1800 crore to the film industry every year.

8. In how many languages can I download movies in SSR Movies?

We can download movies in different languages and some of them are Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, etc. This is one of the reasons why there is more traffic on this website.


The following article is written for the knowledge of the readers so that they can differentiate between legal and illegal websites. We are writing this article not in the favour of promoting any torrent website. The only motive to pen this article is to open the eyes of the users of these websites and introduce them to the facts related to these websites.  

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